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PBA Scenes: Petron Blaze Boosters vs Rain or Shine Elasto Painters Game 2.

Best of the Night. Rain or Shine's defense, obviously. Though the Boosters controlled the pace of the game for about 43 minutes, Rain or Shine was able to boil Boosters' big man JuneMar Fajardo. Even if the Kraken finished with team high 20 points, his flow was disrupted when it matters most. Another thing, Petron forgot that Rain or Shine are experts of the transition game. So even if it was effective for the Boosters, it's given that the Painters will eventually find out and mix the perfect formula for its antidote.

Worst of the Night. Chris Lutz's 7 points numbers-wise, and Chris Ross' black oversized compression shirt looks-wise. Pretty harsh night for the Chrises. By the way, Chris Tiu had 0 points in about 12 minutes, so yeah.

His name is "Jeff-three". If you hear someone hit a crucial three, lots of names would pop into your head. But if they're back-to-back crucial three's, Jeff Chan may pop into majority's brains. And guess what, majority's right! Chan hit two straight three's that ignited the Painters' 23-6 run in the dying minutes. Jeff-three scored 20 points, his best output in recent memory.

The Physicals. I don't know, but everytime Yousef Taha enters a game, trouble is always around. Early in the first half, Taha and Painters rookie Jeric Teng go at each other's face after a hard foul. But the ultimate physicality was brought in by Rain or Shine bullies Raymond Almazan, Beau Belga, and Larry Rodriguez. The trio had fair shares of elbows and slaps towards Fajardo's gigantic built. I was a little bit frustrated nothing escalated between ROS bigmen and the Kraken. That would have been fun to watch.

-It's obvious that this series doesn't catch a lot of cash compared to the BGSM-SMC series.     
-Ryan Arana's shoes are still awesomely pink.
-Arwind Santos' shoes won't get left behind, they're still yellow-greenly highlighted.
-I don't know, but JR Quinahan is playing like he's hurt.
-Yousef Taha had extended playing minutes, highlighted by that ferocious two handed jam.
-I can't contain my happiness everytime I spot Alvin and Jeron Teng in the stands without camera focus.

No games tomorrow, Thursday, January 30th. BGSM-SMC Game 2 will be played on Friday.

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