Martes, Hunyo 21, 2011

"Resurrection" or "Innovation": What's To Be Done with the Dunk Contest

Eight years ago, Michael Jordan played his last all star game. Eight years ago, the Heat big three were drafted. Eight years ago, Jason Kidd contended for the New Jersey Nets who were contenders that time. Eight years ago, the San Antonio Spurs grabbed their second championship and proved that the contenders in New Jersey needs more fuel for the run. Aside from these memorable events, the closure for a legend, the birth of the new bad blood, the hype of careers, and the quest for championships, in 2003 this happened:

The All Star Saturday of 2003 capped a wild night in Atlanta which saw the jaw breaking slam dunk slug fest, one of the best there was in the post- Vince Carter era. As you can see, no superman capes, no double boards, no cupcakes, no cars, and yet it made the Philips Arena add more roofs the following day. What is found in the event was plain entertainment, plain action that blew off the Atlanta Hawks' stadium.

The Slam Dunk contest was reborn that year and innovation made its way. By the late 2000's, the use of props in the slam dunk contest somehow made it more entertaining. That is a sure fact. But the use of props, to some people, especially to high flying and body twisting dunkers, is an easy way out to get a 50.

For a long period of time, the 2003 Slam dunk contest was the only slug fest to feature a prop-less and assist- less contest. Only the dunkers and the ball. While many people think that props made it more entertaining, some consider the overshadowing of pure talent. Both sides have points but time controls everything. The innovation and creativity of men who fly are boundless. And we can really never tell what will happen next in the dunk contest. Or maybe, Demar DeRozan, who I honestly think was robbed from this year's contest, needs to join again next year, in the midst of cars, stuffed toys, and triple balls, and cement his legacy by bringing back the talent packed contest that was revolutionized by the league's pillars.   

Linggo, Hunyo 19, 2011

Dirk Nowitzki's Birthday Special

It's June 19 on the other side of the world, a day remembered because the most dominating Dallas Maverick was born on this day. He's tall, he's white, and most of all he's a champion- no not Brian Cardinal men! For most of us who knows better, it's Dirk Nowitzki's birthday! And it calls for more celebration... I'm taking you to one of his most memorable moments in the league

1998- drafted ninth by the Milwaukee Bucks, he was traded to Dallas where he and Canadian star Steve Nash began the rebuilding of the Texas based troop

2001-2004- The Mavs created their very own big three with Nowitzki, Nash, and Michael Finley. The stage was set for the team to dominate as they showered the post season with power. Ending roughly that they never reached the finals, several moves were set. In 2004, Nowitzki parted ways with best pal Nash who went to Phoenix. Nowitzki then carried the team filled with young guns.

2002-2011- Nowitzki made the All Star team for 10 consecutive years.
2009 West team

2006- Dirk Nowitzki nailed 18 points in the NBA All Star 3 point shootout finals to grab the three point shooting title

2006- The Mavs reached their first NBA finals stint against the Miami heat and had the most frustrating final series loss. They took control of the series at 2-0 but failed to show up for the next four games which the Heat took to win the championship.

2007- Leading his Mavs to a 67-15 regular season record, Dirk won his first NBA Most Valuable Player award, which he received in a press room as a result of a shocking upset from the Golden State Warriors who dump them out of the first round in six games

2011- After 5 years of being haunted by the ghost of 2006, Dirk Nowitzki led a Cinderella run by the Mavs, beating defending champion LA Lakers via sweep in the second round of the playoffs, showing strength by comebacks against the OKC Thunder in the West Finals and ultimately putting an end to the Miami Heat's swagger in the NBA Finals. Dirk was named finals MVP.

With all of these accomplishments by the big German, he may not want anything more for his birthday... But maybe this is something......

but maybe, just maybe... it will never happen

Your TRUE MVP: Happy Fathers Day!

It's Sunday...
Not an ordinary Sunday for waking up at 9am and spending a whole afternoon on TV, Youtube, social networks, and everything that a busy person don't seem to have.

Besides being the Lord's day, this Sunday is for all the fathers out there who works hard for their families fixing cars, baking bread, serving dinner, signing contracts, driving cabs, and even dribbling basketballs. Whatever jobs they do, fathers remain one of the greatest (the other one are moms) super heroes ever!


Why the Heatles went out of Tune

the 4th guy... did not have any minutes...

Biyernes, Hunyo 17, 2011

Battle at Bomber

It's more than a Lakers- Celtics showdown....
It's more than Magic taking on Michael...
It's more than Mutombo blocking out Shaq...
It's more than Kobe beating LeBron...
It's more than the Mavs winning...
It's more than everything...

For this is... nothing...

This is....


where this happens....

Saturday, June 18th 7am

Miyerkules, Hunyo 15, 2011

Falling Into Proper Places: Three Free Agents That Could Change Everything

It's all said, said, said, said, and finally done! I know that intro is more appropriate for the Miami Heat but it was the Dallas Mavericks who won this year's NBA chip. After all the bugs that crawled the crime scene from the world's elite league, one of the most quiet team, the most underrated, and the predicted-to-be-out-of-first-round team made the critics eat their words and raise their trophy on the most hostile floor.

With that, one of the most controversial season is over. That brings players tear out their ages to add another year to their repertoire and burn another year from their contracts. Some heads back and some do not. To electrify the offseason, here are my own list of names that could shape up the next season (if there's any) in or out of their old jerseys: 

 JR Smith

This guy had done a little bit of "everything of the year" in this play. And that is what JR Smith could do. He is 25 years old, 6'6 and could really fly. Since the departure of New York's finest Carmelo Anthony, Smith has taken over the Denver Nuggets until the OKC Thunder drove them away in the first round of the playoffs. Smith, all the while, always take his athleticism with him, making him one of the strongest guards in the NBA today. If all the forces of the Alps in Denver turn their back on JR Smith, or if he turns his back from the icy caps of his team, he should land somewhere on a team that badly needs a two- guard. That my friends is the the Chicago Bulls. If the Bulls acquire Smith by July, Derrick Rose and his troop will no longer be concerned on how Keith Bogans turns the ball over more than making his points.

Zach Randolph

When Rudy Gay suffered the season ending shoulder injury, hope seemed to dusk out of Memphis Tennessee. That was until Zach Randolph came out of his natural self and became supernatural. He led his Grizzlies in a series win over the west's number one season team, San Antonio Spurs to become a key to the Grizz's first playoffs win. This solid big man with a touch from the perimeter may just be, in all the while, starting with business. Randolph in free agency can still be similar to Carmelo Anthony's standing in New York. They both will not be transferred nor they themselves transfer. The great beginning from the team created around Z-Bo is a sign of the things to come. The Grizzlies management should not let Randolph go now that the boys from Memphis are off to continue what they haven't finished. In addition to power, Rudy Gay got back those shoulders. 

Tyson Chandler

And lastly, the champ Tyson Chandler. He was an answer to the Dallas Mavericks' questions.
 In an interview, Jason terry said that if Chandler had been with them two years back, then the Mavs 
should have won a championship in those two years. Strong words but may as well be true. 
The 28 year old 7'1 giant has lifted the Mavs a little from Nowitzki's shoulder. Should he stay 
with Dallas to fulfill Terry's prophecy at another title run, the road might be rocky from this
 time of year. The Orlando Magic spell may control the negotiations especially now that the 
Dwight Howard latching issue looms. The Magic, if that happens, will forever be 
desperate to land a Tyson Chandler who is as close to Howard in every aspect.

By July, answers will rain and everything will fall... maybe not in their proper places 
but may rather be on where the money is at.  

Lunes, Hunyo 13, 2011

The Dallas Mavericks, your 2011 NBA Champions

Five years ago in the almost broken down American Airlines Center in Dallas, Dirk Nowitzki walked out of the court in severe emotional pain and disappointment as his Mavericks failed to hit their championship bull's eye and fell down to the Dwayne Wade- Shaquille O'Neal dominated Miami Heat in six games.

Now five years later in Miami, in the midst of game six of the 2011 NBA finals, Nowitzki walked out of the court again... this time not in severe emotional pain and disappointment but rather as a champion.

When the clock strikes 1.2 seconds in the fateful sixth game, Nowitzki, with all of his 13 year chasing, his blue  uniform, and with his dream that finally caught up with him, hops through the stands and headed to the locker room with savory scent of victory around his tormented body.

"I had to get a moment. I was crying a bit. I was a little emotional. … I actually didn't want to come out for the trophy, but the guys talked me into it."  

 Nowitzki had 21 points and 11 rebounds to close out the game that took them five years to be a part of. Jason Terry had 27 points to spark the Mavs' engine that made them dominate the first half of action. The Dallas Mavericks 105-95 win over the team that put them into shame 5 years ago was the sweetest one for the Texas based hoopers filled with veterans seeking for their first title.

Jason Kidd who had a humongous Maverick career, Shawn Marion who almost went out of the NBA scene, Tyson Chandler who whams boards every night, Marc Cuban who had the greatest misses of all the NBA owners, and Brian Cardinal who steps up big whenever he needs to, had finally tasted the glory that made them last this long in the scene.

But that moment was never a give away. When it all comes down in boiling water, the Mavericks' shares of talents were able to handle the big three of Miami. The big royalty that promised a year by year championship to Southbeach needs another year to fulfill that promise. Thanks to the Mavs, Cleveland had been happy for the first time this season.   

But the moment was never for Dan Gilbert or Anderson Varejao, it was destined to be for DIRK, JASON, the other JASON, TYSON, JOSE JUAN, SHAWN, RICK, MARC, and the other guys who gave the Mavs a boost of confidence that took away the championship from Miami in the moment that they wanted it most!

Linggo, Hunyo 12, 2011

The Jet Needs to Take Off in Game 6

Dirk Nowitzki's prowess never failed to show in the five classic games in this year's finals. Now its time to look at the "other" keys. Jason Terry who plays huge in every outing this playoffs had some episodes of up and downs through the series and it was obvious that his fall and rise can also be that of the Mavs. For the times that the Jet flew around, he was taking the team with him. He is averaging 16.9 points this finals with the clear picture that the Mavs lost two meaningful games with Terry below his average.

The Mavericks have the chance to grab their first title in franchise history tomorrow to spoil the Miami Heat homecoming and deny LeBron James the championship that he promised in the hype of the decision. For the boys of Texas to do that, Jason Terry, their jet, needs to reach the stratosphere.

Sabado, Hunyo 11, 2011

LeBron and Wade are the Baddest Creeps on Earth

Since July of 2010, the Miami Heat has been the most hated team to ever step on the NBA floor. Feasting several times with the promise of bringing a second championship to the beach, the Heat has not been the nicest bunch of guys down there.

Led by their "King" LeBron James, they have created the biggest buzz in the industry which grew more when they had the embarrassing losing streak hit 9 games. They were humbled back then. There, luck has found its way to save them and carry the victims of the Decision to the NBA finals. It is where the baddest guys resurfaced. Once Upon A Time in Dallas Before Game 5, the co- franchise players of the Heat, James and Dwayne Wade had a little bit of monologue for Dirk Nowitzki:

Two BIG players, two tiny personalities. That is how I describe both of these creeps. The mockery that they threw at the most hardworking guy in this finals is a total spit in the face not only of Nowitzki but of the entire league including the Miami Heat themselves. This sign of disrespect deserved something beyond losing the game at hand, it needs to go further. Nowitzki and the Mavs had a little revenge of their own when they threw the Heat up and slammed them to the floor by the 112- 103 victory to have their right hands touch the title and go back to Florida with a chance to win the championship.

Still, this act of childishness from both these superstars might be unforgivable and unforgettable in many years. It can also be safe to say that they have no right or what so ever to mock the greatest Maverick ever, especially LeBron James who was thrown out of the planet in game 4 (flu game of Dirk Nowitzki) when he ended up with just 8 points and faded away in the shadows of Wade completely clueless of what has just happened!


Is there Something Worse Than a Shawn Marion Free Throw Shot?

could be yes... could be no...

Miyerkules, Hunyo 8, 2011

A Tribute to the Diesel: His Bunch of XXXL Jerseys!

College days at LSU where he learned how to wham a backboard

Selected first overall by the Orlando Magic in 1992... became the first superman of the NBA

Became a free agent in 1996 and was grabbed by the Los Angeles Lakers, winning a grand slam run from 2000-2002

After losing to the Detroit Pistons in the 2004 finals, Shaq parted ways with Phil and Kobe, this time taking his talents to South Beach and joined the Miami Heat (that sounds familiar), winning a championship with Dwayne Wade in 2006...

The sudden fall of the Heat empire made them desperate of acquiring another finisher, this time in the person of Shawn Marion, who made his way into the Heat line up in exchange of the Big Cactus, now in Phoenix

With father time visioned by the rear mirror, Shaq changed vision. This time, The Big Aristotle took his royalties to Cleveland aiming to win a ring for King James and for the city of Cleveland, who now is desperate in bringing back a monarch after it's leader departed

By 2010, Shaq's days of glory have little sunshine shining. He signed a minimum contract for the Boston Celtics making his last stand and last chance for a championship. 

When Shaq had troubles with his calf midway through the 2010- 2011 season, it has been pretty much clear that the Big Diesel, The Big Aristotle, The Big Cactus, Superman, or whatever name you call him, was done.
And last week, one of the most celebrated celebrities of basketball had hung up his snickers, his 4 championship rings, and his 6 different XXXL jerseys, ending a career that grew with the world and revolutionized the facade of the NBA. And true to his words, he will surely miss those free throws...

So long... Shaquille O'Neal  

Best of Three

After four games of notable comebacks, amazing closes, one footed jumpers, jet plane impersonations and Brian Cardinal in your face defenses, the boys in blue have equalized the series at two apiece. 

Not letting themselves be buried on their home floor, the Dallas Mavericks picked up the shovels and piled up dusts for the Miami Heat to eat. The sinus-ly troubled Dirk Nowitzki led his Texas boys in feeding their nemeses with dirt by piling up 21 points and grabbing 11 boards. While LeBron James' throat was covered with massive soil from Shawn Marion's defense which made scoring  seemed to be harder than spending an entire time talking to Dikembe Mutombo, Dwayne "the co-franchise player" Wade proved that the Heat is still his team. The Flash scored 32 points on 13 of 20 shooting from the field. That is four times larger than what James had contributed which made Juwan Howard do his favorite face impersonation of himself wondering what has been happening from his bench point of view. 

The Heat posted a commanding 9 point lead at one point during the fourth quarter which was slowly broken down by the Jason Terry tattoo inspired Mavericks' defense, which happened a lot of times in the past, actually, in every series that the Mavs have been in. With Nowitzki Michael Jordaning this game, all with the fever and sinus problems, Marc Cuban had all reasons to remain in his unusual humble Cuban side and celebrate just in the depths of his own personal reflections. With the series tied at 2-2, Jason Terry has no reasons to remove his Larry O'Brien trophy, and Jason Kidd, Shawn Marion and... uhm... the rest of the roster are still on the road to catch up with their first ever title.

Three games remain. Three games to decide who is who. Three games to boost the morale of The Decision. Three games to finally seal the epic Juwan Howard- Brian Cardinal battle of the benches, and three games to determine which city brags on the street midway in June with all the rings and the championship at hand. Stay tuned and see if LeBron chills out once again or if Juwan Howard finally comes out of his egg and do a more honest defense compared to what Cardinal had established.