Sabado, Hunyo 29, 2013

NBA Trade Rumors: Dallas Mavericks aim at Rajon Rondo

This is something serious, as a Dallas fan.

Right after completing a blockbuster trade with the Brooklyn Nets, the Boston Celtics, reportedly, are back playing on the trading block, this time with the Dallas Mavericks.

Reports say that the Mavs are aiming directly at Boston's core, in pursuit of acquiring Celtics star point guard Rajon Rondo.

NBA sources with knowledge of the situation cleared that Dallas' mission to sign the All-Star  has something to do primarily with their aim at landing Dwight Howard. 

With the most prized center hitting free agency tomorrow (July 1), the inclusion of Rondo in the Mavs' roster strengthen their chances at hitting that aim. 

Dallas did its best to go down as low as possible in the recent draft in order to preserve a huge salary cap which now stands at 44.3 million solely on players' contracts.That includes qualifying offers to Rodrigue Beaubois, Darren Collison, and the 9.3 million that Shawn Marion gets if he decides to pick up his player option. Rookies Shane Larkin and Ricky Ledo wouldn't affect the numbers that much.

This means that the Mavs have the monetary weapons to sign Rondo and Howard together, and could even take and pay a few more contracts from the Celtics if the deal would be completed.

So far, the trading board is still empty and no package has been announced yet.


That is all I can say if this vision of Mark Cuban solidifies. A triple punch of Rondo, Dirk Nowitzki, and Howard could be deadly and would make an immediate impact on the league. Rondo is the second best pass-first point guard in the NBA right now and would be top sans Chris Paul. That makes screen rolls and pops with Nowitzki severely deadly for the other teams, with Dwight Howard manning the paint.

Given that Mark Cuban pushes the other buttons correctly, Dallas should make a huge return in the postseason and may dominate a few series before battling it out in the finale. The Mavs aren't settling for less and they want another championship with Nowitzki at their core. At 34 years old, Nowitzki could settle for one more ring as Dallas' standout... or two if he decides to play beyond 35.

Whatever is in store for the Mavs, or whatever comes out of their pursuit to land not one, but two franchise players, the NBA offseason will be one hell of a ride --and headache-- for the GM's. They sure are earning whatever they have in their pockets right now.  



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