Linggo, Hunyo 30, 2013

Reports: Knicks, Raptors Agree to Bargnani Trade

Sources say the New York Knicks have agreed to a deal with the Toronto Raptors that is yet to be approved by the league.

The Raptors would send forward Andrea Barganani to the Big Apple for big man Marcus Camby, sharp shooter Steve Novak and a 2016 first round pick, per Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

Bargnani, who was drafted first overall in 2006, was a primary example of a high risk, high benefit player. Known to have the size of a center with touch from the perimeter, Bargnani stuck to the high risk part. Toronto hasn't struggled that much with him but weren't that successful also. The Italian power forward averaged 12.7 points, and 3.7 rebounds in almost 30 minutes of action the past season, and hasn't improved much from the post. He's got a very hot girlfriend though.

New York letting go of Camby and Novak wouldn't post too much concerns for the Knicks. One is waiting to be mummified caused by injuries, and the other one seems to be unfamiliar with the term "2 points" and is just too one-dimensional.

This trade, though still un-inked by the NBA superiors, are just one of the continuing blockbusters that are yet to unfold. With free agency shopping beginning tomorrow (July 1), we wouldn't expect a 2013 Trade Deadline drama this week. It's all gonna be wrecked, chaotic, and huge for the league and it's future.


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