Linggo, Hunyo 19, 2011

Dirk Nowitzki's Birthday Special

It's June 19 on the other side of the world, a day remembered because the most dominating Dallas Maverick was born on this day. He's tall, he's white, and most of all he's a champion- no not Brian Cardinal men! For most of us who knows better, it's Dirk Nowitzki's birthday! And it calls for more celebration... I'm taking you to one of his most memorable moments in the league

1998- drafted ninth by the Milwaukee Bucks, he was traded to Dallas where he and Canadian star Steve Nash began the rebuilding of the Texas based troop

2001-2004- The Mavs created their very own big three with Nowitzki, Nash, and Michael Finley. The stage was set for the team to dominate as they showered the post season with power. Ending roughly that they never reached the finals, several moves were set. In 2004, Nowitzki parted ways with best pal Nash who went to Phoenix. Nowitzki then carried the team filled with young guns.

2002-2011- Nowitzki made the All Star team for 10 consecutive years.
2009 West team

2006- Dirk Nowitzki nailed 18 points in the NBA All Star 3 point shootout finals to grab the three point shooting title

2006- The Mavs reached their first NBA finals stint against the Miami heat and had the most frustrating final series loss. They took control of the series at 2-0 but failed to show up for the next four games which the Heat took to win the championship.

2007- Leading his Mavs to a 67-15 regular season record, Dirk won his first NBA Most Valuable Player award, which he received in a press room as a result of a shocking upset from the Golden State Warriors who dump them out of the first round in six games

2011- After 5 years of being haunted by the ghost of 2006, Dirk Nowitzki led a Cinderella run by the Mavs, beating defending champion LA Lakers via sweep in the second round of the playoffs, showing strength by comebacks against the OKC Thunder in the West Finals and ultimately putting an end to the Miami Heat's swagger in the NBA Finals. Dirk was named finals MVP.

With all of these accomplishments by the big German, he may not want anything more for his birthday... But maybe this is something......

but maybe, just maybe... it will never happen

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