Sabado, Hunyo 11, 2011

LeBron and Wade are the Baddest Creeps on Earth

Since July of 2010, the Miami Heat has been the most hated team to ever step on the NBA floor. Feasting several times with the promise of bringing a second championship to the beach, the Heat has not been the nicest bunch of guys down there.

Led by their "King" LeBron James, they have created the biggest buzz in the industry which grew more when they had the embarrassing losing streak hit 9 games. They were humbled back then. There, luck has found its way to save them and carry the victims of the Decision to the NBA finals. It is where the baddest guys resurfaced. Once Upon A Time in Dallas Before Game 5, the co- franchise players of the Heat, James and Dwayne Wade had a little bit of monologue for Dirk Nowitzki:

Two BIG players, two tiny personalities. That is how I describe both of these creeps. The mockery that they threw at the most hardworking guy in this finals is a total spit in the face not only of Nowitzki but of the entire league including the Miami Heat themselves. This sign of disrespect deserved something beyond losing the game at hand, it needs to go further. Nowitzki and the Mavs had a little revenge of their own when they threw the Heat up and slammed them to the floor by the 112- 103 victory to have their right hands touch the title and go back to Florida with a chance to win the championship.

Still, this act of childishness from both these superstars might be unforgivable and unforgettable in many years. It can also be safe to say that they have no right or what so ever to mock the greatest Maverick ever, especially LeBron James who was thrown out of the planet in game 4 (flu game of Dirk Nowitzki) when he ended up with just 8 points and faded away in the shadows of Wade completely clueless of what has just happened!


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