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Falling Into Proper Places: Three Free Agents That Could Change Everything

It's all said, said, said, said, and finally done! I know that intro is more appropriate for the Miami Heat but it was the Dallas Mavericks who won this year's NBA chip. After all the bugs that crawled the crime scene from the world's elite league, one of the most quiet team, the most underrated, and the predicted-to-be-out-of-first-round team made the critics eat their words and raise their trophy on the most hostile floor.

With that, one of the most controversial season is over. That brings players tear out their ages to add another year to their repertoire and burn another year from their contracts. Some heads back and some do not. To electrify the offseason, here are my own list of names that could shape up the next season (if there's any) in or out of their old jerseys: 

 JR Smith

This guy had done a little bit of "everything of the year" in this play. And that is what JR Smith could do. He is 25 years old, 6'6 and could really fly. Since the departure of New York's finest Carmelo Anthony, Smith has taken over the Denver Nuggets until the OKC Thunder drove them away in the first round of the playoffs. Smith, all the while, always take his athleticism with him, making him one of the strongest guards in the NBA today. If all the forces of the Alps in Denver turn their back on JR Smith, or if he turns his back from the icy caps of his team, he should land somewhere on a team that badly needs a two- guard. That my friends is the the Chicago Bulls. If the Bulls acquire Smith by July, Derrick Rose and his troop will no longer be concerned on how Keith Bogans turns the ball over more than making his points.

Zach Randolph

When Rudy Gay suffered the season ending shoulder injury, hope seemed to dusk out of Memphis Tennessee. That was until Zach Randolph came out of his natural self and became supernatural. He led his Grizzlies in a series win over the west's number one season team, San Antonio Spurs to become a key to the Grizz's first playoffs win. This solid big man with a touch from the perimeter may just be, in all the while, starting with business. Randolph in free agency can still be similar to Carmelo Anthony's standing in New York. They both will not be transferred nor they themselves transfer. The great beginning from the team created around Z-Bo is a sign of the things to come. The Grizzlies management should not let Randolph go now that the boys from Memphis are off to continue what they haven't finished. In addition to power, Rudy Gay got back those shoulders. 

Tyson Chandler

And lastly, the champ Tyson Chandler. He was an answer to the Dallas Mavericks' questions.
 In an interview, Jason terry said that if Chandler had been with them two years back, then the Mavs 
should have won a championship in those two years. Strong words but may as well be true. 
The 28 year old 7'1 giant has lifted the Mavs a little from Nowitzki's shoulder. Should he stay 
with Dallas to fulfill Terry's prophecy at another title run, the road might be rocky from this
 time of year. The Orlando Magic spell may control the negotiations especially now that the 
Dwight Howard latching issue looms. The Magic, if that happens, will forever be 
desperate to land a Tyson Chandler who is as close to Howard in every aspect.

By July, answers will rain and everything will fall... maybe not in their proper places 
but may rather be on where the money is at.  

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