Martes, Pebrero 4, 2014

NO! NO! Derrick Williams Denies Derrick Williams.

It took Derrick Williams one season to practice passing to his teammates. Right after he was traded to the Sacramento Kings, Williams have mastered that craft.

Now that he's done with that level, he decides to lift it up a little bit and practice something that only players of great skill can perfect, a pass to himself. Not to mention, through the backboard.

Last night was the perfect opportunity, as his Sacramento Kings blew out the visiting Chicago Bulls. The result was far from perfect.

(c) SBNation

It was a beautiful, wide open lane, Kings up by at least 30 --that's right, the Bulls were that bad last night--, and Derrick Williams got a purpose. All of these are the perfect ingredient to pull out what Williams wanted to accomplish. It was a cool and swift pass off the backboard, nice elevation, and of course, a hillarious fall out.

Good thing it was a blow out and the Kings won, so this one falls beneath Javale McGee- antics in terms of boneheadedness.

See you on Shaqtin'-A-Fool, Derrick "NoNoNoNo" Williams.


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