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PBA Scenes: Petron Blaze Boosters vs Rain or Shine Elasto Painters Semifinals Game 4

Best of the Night. Everytime the Elasto Painters win a ballgame, it's gonna be hard picking up who or what was the best of the night simply because they are playing spread up basketball. Because of that, and because no one really outshined the others in this game, I'm giving best of the night honors to the whole roster, especially to coach Caloy "Cool Head" Garcia... just because they won, 88-83, and are a shoe away from the Philippine Cup finals. That must be sweet for Jeric Teng and Raymond Almazan. Obvious reasons, duh.

(C) Nuki Sabio/PBA

Worst of the Night. As I said last night, every ejection is worst of the night. So expect Yeng Guiao in here. The bald, hot headed Pampanga politician and proball coach got ejected in the third quarter for two technicals. To make matters worse than worst, this is his second consecutive ejection. But of course, thanks to his assistant coach Caloy, his boys won the game. So everything's just okay tonight. 

Ankle Breaker. This is about Paul Lee. Nah, that's not the ankle breaker that you're thinking. The Lethal Weapon went down in the second quarter, buckled his ankles, and was out for the game. We are yet to see his status by tomorrow. Regardless, we all hope he is fine. At least now, he's already aware of what might happen if you try to stop a streaking Chris Ross laying a basketball up.  

Speaking of Chris Ross. The guy is still wearing that weird, oversized compression shirt! So he's a candidate for worst of the night too. Good thing he lost that match to coach Yeng.

Kraken Watch. June Mar Fajardo was his beastly self, scoring 29 points and grabbing 16 rebounds. He was the sole fuel for the Blaze Boosters in the game. That is why Rain or Shine's defense collapsed at him most of the time, and I really don't know why coach Gee Abanilla wouldn't change his attacks. Anyway, if there's something positive about Petron tonight, it's the Kraken. The fist fight against Rain or Shine bigs didn't happen yet though. Again, maybe next game.

Araniac. Ryan Arana was the best player of the game with 12 points and key assists throughout. So I think he deserves a highlight on this one. Cool pink shoes though, Ryan! And socks too, by the way.

Quote. "I take my hat off to coach Caloy for not giving up where I gave up." - coach Yeng Guiao. This is actually sweet, and coach Yeng surely owes coach Caloy a sack of tocino.


-Again, the worst Chris was Chris Tiu. 0 points, 'nuff said.

-Beau Belga had 4 difficult-to-stomach fouls in 19 minutes! Being Belga, you'd probably think he'll foul out, and you would surely be wrong. Beau finished the game with 3 points and JUST those 4 fouls. Kindda cool.

-Before going down in the 2nd quarter, Paul Lee already had 7 points. Imagine if he finished the game.

-I'm not sure, but are these players exchanging shoes?!

-And I'll just have to say that the halftime game "Dribol of the Pipol" is pure bopol.

HUGE shoutout to Doug Baldwin and the rest of the Seahawks for slaughtering the defenseless Denver Broncos earlier at Super Bowl XLVIII.

No games tomorrow. Action resumes on Wednesday, February 5, 2013, where the San Mig Coffee Mixers look to start piling dirt at Barangay Ginebra, and take their own 3-1 series edge. Ginebra will retaliate, of course.

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