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PBA Scenes: Barangay Ginebra San Miguel vs San Mig Super Coffee Mixers Game 6

Best of the Night. Aside from the intensity of tonight's game itself, we are all in for a treat in 48 hours.  8pm on Wednesday, we are going to have a Manila Clasico that would corral everything that matter, hang them on the line, and blast a game for everything that these two teams have been working for. It is not here yet, but my best of the night is the fact that San Mig Coffee and Ginebra will all be pitted once more for an all important Game 7. Now you can go tell your friends.  

(c) Nuki Sabio/PBA

Worst of the Night. After a game like that? Duh, there's none!

Outworked Win. For about 45 minutes, San Mig Coffee outplayed, outrebounded, and outhustled Ginebra. The number of turnovers and rebounds tell the story of those 45 minutes, but, unfortunately for the Mixers, not the dying seconds. Ginebra beat San Mig Coffee, 94-91, and as I have said, we're all in for a 7th game in this Manila Clasico semifinals.   

Great Amount of Spark. I am well aware that Greg Slaughter had a huge night tonight. But I have to disagree that the giant rookie carried Ginebra solely to the win. The past few games, coach Ato Agustin seemed to have fallen inloved with utilizing Slaughter and Japeth Aguilar to help them win games. But that combination didn't worked that much in the postseason. So earlier, Mark Caguioa decided to take matters to his own hands and reclaim his reign of the country's most popular team. The Spark scored 21 points, most of which helped them climb back from being down 14 at some point in the first half. Greg Slaughter strode the finishing kick, but Caguioa, as far as this game is concerned, manned their resurrection.

Bounce. LA Tenorio is one bouncy point guard, so he just bounced back. 

Words From Worski. Ginebra legend and PBA all-time great Robert Jaworski was in the sidelines watching the game, just because, you know, he's Robert Jaworski. And it was also for that same reason that he crashed into Ginebra's locker room to deliver words for the team endangered of being eliminated. I'm pretty sure it was nothing compared to Ric Flair's flare at the 49ers locker room, but somehow, Jaworski's presence may have factored the release of Ginebra's "Never Say Die" hormones.

Sakuragi. Marc Pingris have done it again. They lost though, but he managed to pull out his inner and beastly Marc Pingris in the second half. Ping dropped majority of his 20 points from one step teardrops from the paint, which obviously brought trouble to Slaughter's reputation on the defensive end. By the way, those 20 points I'm talking about, they're Marc  Pingris' season high.

Quote. "Game 7, sa amin yan." -- Marc Pingris. These ain't bold words at all. These are determined words.


-Rafi Reavis scored more than Justin Melton, Joe Devance, Jayjay Helterbrand, Chris Ellis, and JR Reyes. He's still kickin' it out, with a sick headband.

-James Yap equalled Reavis' production, so Rafi really did a great job out there.

-Speaking of James Yap, he had a really good and long, long, long look at the basket on that final play. Well at least no inner Arwind got involved.

-"No comment"- James Yap's comment on that crucial foul called on him that put Caguioa on the line.

-Mark Caguioa converted those two lead-taking freethrows.

-Slaughter was wearing LeBron XI Gamma Blues earlier. He might have stole it from that huge San Mig guy with the no.5 jersey.

Game 7 Wednesday, 8pm. We all know what to do.


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